The Nigerian government has reacted to the United States government blacklisting the country for religious freedom violations.Though the US did not state the reason for this action, Pompeo said the country joined extreme countries like China, Iran and Saudi Arabia following religious violence and lack of freedom.

But in a swift reaction, the minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed, denied the allegation that the African nation engages in religious freedom violations. The minister in a statement on Tuesday, December 8, described the allegation as a case of an honest disagreement between the two nations on the causes of violence in Nigeria. He also stated that the country doesn't have a policy of religious persecution, insisting that victims of insecurity terrorism in the country are Christians, Muslims, and other religions. Mohammed went on to note that religious freedom is protected by Nigeria jealously as it is enshrined in the country’s constitution. He explained that any infringements in this regard are taken seriously.

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